Why I decided to take a chance on a MLM business …

Rodan-and-Fields-760x281 (1)

I’m one of those people who, when it comes to MLM businesses, meets the idea with a giant eye roll. As an MBA, currently working as a vice president in the financial services sector, I “know better.” While a few people do well, very well, after launching an MLM business selling vitamins/protein shakes/grandma makeup/shampoo/skincare/etc., most people make a few hundred dollars once or twice, and give up, generally losing most of their investment in the process. Some corporations require crazy high monthly minimums to remain part of the company, or a specific time commitment, and other costly stuff. (I know a woman who tried her hand at a popular MLM only to end up with an inventory of 80+ bags and purses cluttering up her closet. She gives them as holiday and birthday gifts.)

Rewind to a month or so ago. A friendly acquaintance had been posting about her results using Rodan & Fields . In her early 40s, she had undeniably lovely skin and long, full lashes. As someone who has not been gifted in the eyelash department, I decided to give the $150 lash serum she’d been using a try.


In that time, I’ve seen huge results (I’ll post full before & afters when it’s been the recommended 90 days.) A believer, I decided to try to the Redefine AMP regimen, which features a microneedling roller, something which is, reportedly, all the rage among aging Hollywood starlets. And, like the LashBoost, I looooove it. I’ve noticed a reduction in lines and more even skin tone already.

Enamored, I did my research and discovered there was no commitment, no monthly minimums, an easy eCommerce site a free-product incentive for new consultants. 

So, I went all in. I chose the largest new consultant kit, figuring if I bombed, the worst that could happen is that I’d have two years’ worth of product for my own use. So what the hell? And, as of this writing, on my third official day of R & F repping, I’m only about $300 short of breaking even.

I won’t call this endeavor my “journey” or any other annoying, overused, eye-roll-worthy term, but I’m excited to see what I’m able to do.



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