Starting the New Year with a rumble …


A tummy rumble, that is. And more than a few.

As a former fitness competitor, I’ve always subscribed to the theory that eating more frequent, small meals was the healthiest way to go, and this approach did net me some good results when it came to the stage. However, over the last few years, my metabolism is – you know it, girls – suffering from a bit of a slowdown. And, after a particularly stressful year both personally and professionally, I’ve felt a little foggy.

As I considered how I wanted to kick off 2018, I started exploring an unorthodox approach to giving my health a sharp forward shove. An approach that promised improved health, better insulin resistance, clearer skin paired with a clearer mind, and, somewhat paradoxically, increased energy.

Fasting. (Cue the traditional nutrition community’s collective gasp.)

I know, I know, it’s got a bad rap, say the conventional thinkers, including folks I used to listen to as fitness coaches and trainers.. It’ll slow your metabolism further, you’ll become anemic, malnourished, etc. But as I continued my research, reading firsthand reports in reputable mags and listening to this data-filled book on Audible, I thought, this might just be the proverbial ticket.

I completed a two-day mini-experience last week, going two days with just water, tea, delicious bottled pickle juice (and, OK, one-quarter of a Quest bar). And I felt pretty good.

Yesterday, for New Year’s Eve, I ended the year big. Perched upon a high-top at this establishment, I enjoyed a very Midwestern combination of a giant, “Wisconsin spicy” bloody (garnished with a mini-cheeseburger), deep-fried curds with a ranch accompaniment, and a fast mushroom and swiss dripping with creamy pepperjack sauce. My stomach ached as I took my last bite, and afterward, I spent a couple of hours curled up on the couch, feeling like an overfilled balloon. So, thus far today, I’m not feeling a tremendous urge to eat. I’m sure that’ll change by afternoon.

My goal is a five day fast, featuring only the liquids mentioned above. I’ll take it easy on the exercise, and I’ll report how I’m feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. I have my annual doc visit (and I kick off a new exercise program – yay!) on Monday the 8th, so I’ll report any interesting changes there as far as blood sugar, cholesterol, and, of course, weight (though weight loss is not my primary goal).

Come on back for the full Day One report tomorrow.

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