Fasting: Day Two

8:39 a.m. 

I slept like a rock, perhaps due to the complete lack of calories, perhaps due to the chamomile tea, and/or perhaps due to the fact that I was sleeping alone. In any case, I’ll take it. I’m humming and smiling as I lift my stand-up desk and get ready for my day.

11:43 a.m.

I’m feeling remarkably positive, despite the two bags of Canadian Doritos on my desk. I think, I could eat those, one  and then start this for real tomorrow, but I remember a piece I read by the Bulletproof Coffee guy about willpower being a muscle, and I recommit.

1:17 p.m.

I know this has been mentioned, but – bathroom. A lot.

I eat 3/4 of a pickle.

4 p.m.

A meeting I’ve been dreading goes much, much better than expected. Am I feeling less hungry?

6:30 p.m.

I’m at a board meeting at a favorite local restaurant, sipping coffee while all those around me sip delicious, hoppy Wisconsin beers. Across the table from me, a guy I don’t know well has the two communal bowls of cheese curds (well, not really curds, but deep fried cheese squares, and yes, there is a difference) right in front of him, and he eats steadily out of them, not even bothering to pass around until directly asked. I find myself enraged.

I snack on carrots, mushrooms, olives, and, of course, pickles from the relish tray, which did make it around the table. I wonder if I can truly make it a full day with zero intake. This is hard!


I take my chamomile supplement and wait for it to kick in. Trevor is on doing a “damn right, my button is bigger than yours” bit based on recent tweets.

On again tomorrow, folks. On again tomorrow.

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