Fasting: Day Three, Take Two

6:45 a.m.

I sleep through my alarm (notice a theme?) and am scrambling to get to the office reasonably close to on-time. I’ve had a pretty solid string of good days since the calendar flipped, and I’m determined to keep up the streak.

I haven’t gotten on the scale yet this try, as I don’t want it to be all about my weight, but I plan to get on tomorrow morning, just for a check-in.

I feel that goofy blood sugar thing deep in my stomach, and inhale a few Andies mints. They taste like creamy, chocolatey toothpaste – and it’s amazing. Does food have more flavor now that my taste buds had a break?

High Noon

Things are clicking along. I shop for edible team member gifts, and manage not to get a craving.

Today is lots of meetings and less desk time, which helps with the urges. The further I am from the overfilled snack drawer, the easier it is. Out of sight really is out of mind, folks, despite what the romance novels and ’80s (please note proper apostrophe positioning!) love ballads want you to believe.

2:10 p.m.

I ask what must be (judging from the raised eyebrow/muffled snicker reaction I receive) a really stupid question in a meeting. (Think there are no stupid questions? You may be right, but there are stupid people and I was, if momentarily, one of them.)

I’m flush and mortified, but I don’t immediately rush back to my office, rummage around like a raccoon in my snack drawer, and stuff myself to soothe myself. Hmmm. Maybe the restriction is helping me reset some old habits?

One can only hope. Stress eating is what’s killed me since I’ve started my now not-so-new job, and I need to get a handle on it, as the crazy train is unlikely to get back on the rails anytime soon.

9:06 p.m.

I listen to a few chapters of this book on Audible. I loved Insanity back in the day when it involved a huge set of DVDs and, like, a tube TV, and I find Shaun’s story sad and compelling. Spoiler alert: He discovered his love for dance when he was a mascot at Chuck E. Cheese.

I’m feeling pretty good, and I’m clearly very well hydrated. The sleeping is a little much, but I guess my body is talkin’. Granted, I’m now hacking skincare on the side, and it’s good shit, but I swear my skin has improved even since Sunday.

Tomorrow my team and I will be celebrating our recent wins with, of course, food. I plan to order, and then sneak mine into the fridge to enjoy later in the week. Managing this socially is tough, as people always feel so free to comment on such things, so I prefer to keep it on the DL.

Oh, and the previously mentioned No Spending Challenge? This girl is two days in. I’ll start detailing that, after 48 more hours of this.

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