Fasting: The Wrap

I ate a proper meal for dinner last night, a salad with bell pepper, onion, multicolored cherry tomatoes, cheese and Greek dressing. It was delicious, and I felt no ill effects.

I had a thought earlier today that I should eat something, just because, well, I was at my desk, but I wasn’t hungry, and nothing sounded good.

So I didn’t.

Around lunchtime, when one of my team members offered me a cup full of Dairy Queen cookie dough, sans ice cream, I nibbled on a couple, but stopped easily after only that. Success!

I don’t feel I ever achieved great mental clarity or crazy energy, as some bloggers claim, but I felt decent enough throughout the five days.

The weight I have lost (4.8 pounds) is super motivating, and I feel like I’ve set myself up for success as far as reaching my goals goes. So yay for that.

Onward to the No-Spend Ninety!

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