Review: I Bought Rob Kardashian’s Socks So You Don’t Have To (But You Might Want To)

Note: This purchase was made prior to the NSC, and expressly for review purposes. Reviews of more Kardashian/Jenner products are on the docket – and I bet you just can’t wait!

As part of my resolution to become less concerned about current events and generally more shallow in nature, I started following all things and people Kardashian on Twitter.

And, as such, I am served up ads for their products with predictable consistency (e.g., every time I log in).

I like socks – yay for toasty toes! – so I scanned an ad for Rob’s Arthur George sock line with mild interest.

Who is Arthur George, you might ask? A favorite uncle? A beloved cousin? A passed-down-for-generations family moniker?

None of the above. Rob put some real Jack Handy-style deep thoughts into picking his company name, choosing it because “it sounds high-end.”


Anyway, I checked out the Arthur George site and ordered a few of the sale priced pairs, including two cute holiday “Mistle Toes,” “Hot Mama,” and my favorite, “Classy (You Know What).”

The socks arrived about 10 days later. I tore into the package with anticipation.

The socks were attractively packaged in a fully re-usable-for-Christmas-ties box, featuring a postcard with Rob looking much more attractive than is reality. (Insert clever comparison about him vs. the name of his company here.)

For $10-$15 a pair, I was hopeful the socks would be good quality, and I have to admit – they really are. They’re soft, they’re bright, and the elastic doesn’t feel like it’ll fail you in a few washes.

Behold my new favorite pair:

Would I buy again?

Yes. Grudgingly … yes.

Nice work, AG.

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