The 90-Day No-Spend: Day 19

So things are chugging along. I’ve adhered really well, though, in the interest of totally full disclosure, I have purchased three questionable items:

Monat shampoo. While technically, yes, this is a toiletry, the fact that a bottle is $28 puts it into the who-ya-foolin’ category.

An over-the-shoulder (you-get-the-idea). I had a most unfortunate malfunction with a staple style and color, and couldn’t hold off on a replacement.

Wall hooks. I needed to hang something and did not have a suitable alternative.

The savings I’ve garnered has given me a nice little chunk of money I have specific, fun intentions for. And, the lady in purchasing, who at one time had thoughtfully set me out my very own mail bin to help me more efficiently carry packages up to my fourth-floor office, has even taken notice of my new non-habit.

71 days to go.

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