The No-Spend Challenge: Day 28

So we are still moving along here, and doing pretty well. I’m certainly enjoying watching my savings balance balloon, especially in advance of all the travel I’ve got coming up this spring/summer (like my best friend and I’s plan to completely re-enact Sideways).

I have had one minor and one major fail. In my defense, the minor indirectly supports my R & F business: I bought some more ColorStreet nail decal thingies from a friend who regularly purchases $100s in skincare from me, so it seemed like a wise investment with a promising return. Plus, they have tiny red skis on them, so just how cute is that for my upcoming junket to the Bozone?

The major fail was something completely, totally vain, kinda painful, and rather expensive. I took extensive notes while it was, er, going on, so I’ll be ready to share in great detail … when I’m ready to share.

Overall, I’m pleased with the force of will I’ve demonstrated with both getting my food and indulgent spending issues in line. Willpower truly is a muscle. Onward!

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