This Isn’t a Political Blog …

But I can’t stop crying as I’m watching the profiles of the children and teachers who were killed. I want to say their names:

Jaime Guttenberg

Martin Duque

Aaron Feis

Chris Hixon

Gina Montalto

Luke Hoyer

Carmen Schentrup

Meadow Pollack

Joaquin Oliver

Nicholas Dworet

Peter Wang

Alyssa Alhadeff

Alaina Petty

Cara Loughran

Alex Schachter

Scott Beigel

Helena Ramsay

This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world with this level of regularity.

It’s not even close.

And the reasons why it doesn’t are NOT coincidences.

I come from a family of hunters. I’ve hunted and have photos of dead, rotting grouse carcasses to prove it. I’m not “anti-gun.”

But I’m disgusted and angry.

We’ve decided to trade out American lives because we are unwilling to revisit words – and how do we always conveniently leave out that “well-regulated” piece? – written on paper two and a half centuries ago, by white men with muskets.

“It’s the price of freedom.” So when does the price become too high? How many bodies?

How many children?

Is there NO limit?

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