Review: Pony-O

Like all of us, I’ve got a couple of idiosyncrasies. Quirks, as it were. Little things that are kinda my trademark.

Two of those perch comfortably on my wrists.

On my left wrist, adorned on either side with a red leather band, you’ll find my Fitbit Charge 2.

On my right wrist, up until very very recently, you’d find a scrunchie.

No, not a ponytail elastic. A scrunchie. All poofy and ’90s and very, very large.

I knew it was out of fashion. I just didn’t care. Because, you see, those skinny little elastic bands ripped my hair out and didn’t hold when I ran and caused giant uneven hair- lumps on my scalp. On this thing, this one thing, I chose function over form.

Enter the Pony-O.

The Pony-O arrived in my stocking this year, and I was initially both nervous and skeptical. I never even learned how to French braid, for Pete’s sake. How the heck could I figure this rigid-yet-bendy loop out?!

But, thanks to this video, I did. Quickly.

It’s tough to mess up. Basically, you thread your hair through and snap it into place. The snap itself is quite satisfying and invites hours of fidgeting, similar to what Snapple caps did for us back in the 90s.

And there hasn’t been a scrunchie on my wrist since.

The Pony-O holds a cute, perky ponytail all day long, without any lumpy heads or hair damage.

I’ve since ordered two more, as well as a set for a birthday gift to someone who loved them equally well.


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