Review: MeUndies Underwear of the Month Club

Recently, I asked my son what he wanted to do over the weekend.

“I really just want to laze about, Mom,” was his reply. After an exhausting month of travel and changes at my day job, this was music to my ears.

As a lazing-about enthusiast, I’m a collector of loungewear (we call them “comfies”) and fun, user-friendly underthings. In an effort to compound my caboodle of the latter, I recently joined the MeUndies Underwear of the Month Club.

MeUndies aggressively boasts of their comfort and quality, and offer sundry styles for both men and women, ranging from briefs to boxers to boyshorts. There are drawers for any disposition, with colors and prints in three categories: Adventurous (whimsical designs), Classic (neutrals) and Bold (bright solids).

I choose the cheeky briefs, and, because St. Patrick’s Day was coming soon, I opted for the Adventurous shamrock print (I’ve since received a second pair, magenta with cartoon llamas). Each pair costs $14.00 plus tax (shipping included). You can skip or cancel anytime simply, right through the web site; no need to call an 800 number for a hard sell like so many subscription clubs.

Cheeky briefs, in two Adventurous styles.

When my first pair arrived, I was pleased with the low-waste packaging, a rarity in our heavily boxed (do you know I once received a box inside of a box inside of a box?!) Amazon world, and they had a soft feel in-hand. On, the M fit perfectly, with no riding, pulling or rolling.

Ahhhhhh. These are the perfect “sleeping” underwear.

Overall, I RECOMMEND the MeUndies monthly undie club. Great product, and great fun to receive the packages in the mail.

I do need to add a caveat, though – trying to make a change to my account through the desktop site is am absolutely infuriating experience. Breakpoints are off and you’re unable to do any scrolling to solidify your selections. I finally logged in via my mobile and had no issues, but many people with weaker motivation to change their print from creepy aliens to purple mixtapes probably would have just given up.

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