Fasting: Day One, Take Two

My self-indulgent celebrations lasted a little longer than I originally intended (but, guys, you gotta trust me, this win was perfectly timed and worth a couple of unplanned Ultras).

So today, we begin again. The week has zero food-or-booze-related social events on the docket, and I plan to keep it that way.


I wake up with zero hunger and head to the gym, where I complete a 60 minute incline walk. I’m sweating, but this level of exertion is mild enough where it won’t rev up my engine and cause me to starve later. There’s a balance with fasting, and I’m trying to hit it without being a total slob.

9:00 a.m.

I hang the model solar system Mini and I spent 3 hours building and painting yesterday. He likes it, though not as much as Mom feels the effort – lots of detail work and fishing line threading! – warranted.

11 a.m.

I don a striped fleecey tunic and leggings from this, a favorite online boutique, and shop for merch I’m looking to stock for my clothing & accessories line. I start a list of small business owners with whom to grab coffee and showcase.


Part of my effort to reduce my stress level involves watching less news and more crap TV. Think Golden Globes and KUWTK. Yeah, no joke.

I’m feeling OK, though again nervous I’ll wake up ravenous. I finish a Mika book, appropriately on “the tyranny of thin” and her own food issues. I relate to much of it.

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