Review: Allume Personal Styling Service

Though I love clothes, and though styling others as a de facto personal shopper is one of my favorite things in the world, my choices tend to live in the world of “timeless/classic.”

Some days, I look nice, but I feel boring. There are certain trends and looks that I loathe (please go away soon, cold-shoulders), and others I might like, but am unsure how to style correctly.

I’ve used the StitchFix styling service occasionally, with very mixed results. I will place an order before a conference or a trip just to give myself that little boost of confidence that comes with a new set-a-shoes.

Life’s been really messy and uncertain lately, and yes, blah blah psychology majors, I know I should learn to self-medicate in other ways, but … clothes are fun, and clothes are easy. So, when I was served up an ad for Allume, I clicked it.

Allume distinguishes itself from all the rest by offering a more personalized, one-on-one shopping experience. Yes, you’ll complete a quiz about your preferences and budget just like StitchFix and the others, but you also have text-message-access to a stylist throughout the process. I quickly paid the $20 styling fee and chose a time for the 1:1 consultation.

Promptly at 8:15 this morning, as I was cooling down on the treadmill, I got a text message from Bruna, my stylist. She had a few questions for me, and we conversed for about 20 minutes. She promised options for three complete outfits – workday, weekend and music-themed night out – by noon. She works fast!

When Bruna’s e-mail arrived in my inbox, I felt a jolt of adrenaline, in anticipation of the winning shopping feeling I hoped would result.

I had given her two names for inspiration; Princess Kate Middleton and Nicolle Wallace from MSNBC. Bruna had clearly done her research, as my work ensembles in particular looked like they were right out of Nicolle’s closet:

I was particularly thrilled with the coral-colored V-neck sheath by Hugo Boss, which retails for $600, but which Bruna had found for less than $200. I will rock this.

For my weekend look, I passed on the moto jacket, but went with the jeans, top and slim pants.

Finally, my big night out:

I actually bought the Kenneth Cole shoes in both colors. The earrings are a bit much for my usually more understated taste, but, I thought, what the heck.

All in all, it was an excellent experience and Bruna really nailed it, incorporating my tastes, and adding a little extra flair, into my set budget. I can’t wait to get my stuff and strut around!


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  1. Jen says:

    The Moto jacket is cute! Though I’m not sure anyone could pull over whatever it is the model is wearing beneath the jacket.


    1. tara40 says:

      Right?! Not much to the imagination.


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