Five Ways to Look More Youthful NOW (If That’s Important to You)

Fortytude is all about owning the decade your way … but c’mon, we’d be lying to ourselves if we pretended we didn’t enjoy being mistaken for a thirtysomething on the regular. So, to that end, here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to get that younger glow on.

1) Just dew it. As we age, our skin tends to dry out and can take on a look best described as “pallid” or “morguesque.” One of my very favorite products for adding a little something-something is this amazing Dewy Skin Setting Spray by Ulta. It’s insanely cheap and a bottle lasts forever. Just a few light spritzes, which smell lightly coconutty, and you’re set (pun intended) for the day.

2) Keep your shoulders warm. Please. No more of these ridiculous tops. They don’t look cute or sexy – they look like an eighth-grade home EC project gone awry. Not even someone with the class of Sophia Loren can pull this off.

3) Go natural with brows. Again, this is bucking current trends. Microblading and tattoo-makeup is huge right now, but in 10 years, the caterpillar-brow look will be regarded with the same disdain as Zubazs. Most people’s eyes are their best quality. Don’t distract from yours with a thick fringe.

4) Invest in a good bra. Go to the pros and get fitted – most women are wearing the wrong size. A little padding and shaping can work wonders as we age. When you find one that works, buy six before they’re inevitably discontinued. My BFF and I, very different shapes and sizes, love this one.

5) Don’t get too skinny. Some ladies try to defy age by staying as teeny-tiny as possible, and while they may look all right from the chest down, the neck and face can get all spidery and sinewy. A little fat can be our friend, ladies. Eat the damn cake.

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