Review: The Purple Pillow

“There’s a real steep decline between 30 and 40.”

My 43-year-old CFO dropped that comment recently, wrapping up a discussion we were having about various post-sports aches and pains.

While this blog is about embracing 40s, there are a few undeniable changes for the worse. I’ve noticed this most recently as it relates to sleep. Even since eliminating snoring from my life, I have struggled to get physically comfortable, and have seen a lot of hours tick by on the clock. I just don’t sleep like I used to.

A couple of months ago, seeking some relief, I replaced all of my pillows with some of a far higher quality, and have started propping myself, a side sleeper, halfway up on one at night. (My son calls it my “Trump Wall.”)

This has helped, but it’s really only a band-aid solution, ’cause the problem is that I really need a new mattress.

The slab I sleep on is a solid 15 years old, and there’s a ravine in the middle, a la the Prairie Home Companion promo “Jack’s Deep Valley Bed.

It’s also full of unspeakable stains.

It was time for a new bed.  More than time. And after some research, I settled on Purple.

I chose the classic Purple mattress as well as the Purple PowerBase, which is adjustable and features five different vibrating massage settings. In my old age, comfortable sleep is worth a lot.

As bonuses, I received $250 off, a free mattress cover and – voila! a free classic Purple Pillow.

The pillow arrived right away, while I’m still waiting on the bed proper.

My first impression upon unwrapping (actually, unrolling) the pillow was – oof! This is heavy! It has absolutely zero in common with a traditional filled pillow. It weighs nine pounds, and is square and narrow.

In the pillow package, Purple includes a tiny sample of its “patented comfort grid,” which is completely addictive to squish and stretch, and which my son has taken to throwing at me.

The storied patented comfort grid. It’s so fun to squish!

I flopped the pillow down on the couch and stretched back on it. It felt nice: cool, and with just the right amount of give. Fully alert, I tested the pillow out a number of different ways – propped, on my side, under my lower back.

Pound pound pound! Throughout the day, I felt compelled to set the Purple Pillow on my lap and pounded it like Tarzan’s chest. There was something therapeutic about the give and the tactile holey feel. I really liked it, and I found myself giving it a squeeze every time I walked past.

So this is all promising, but what about the sleep test? The first night, I crashed HARD, though there’s one caveat – the pillow lacks height, and required a flat-ish pillow underneath it to get the loft needed to align the neck properly.

Overall, I tentatively RECOMMEND the Purple Pillow. I’ll let you know how the mattress performs!





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